Disagrees with recent Pitts column

Concerning the Leonard Pitts Jr. column on March 6:

A T-shirt with “White Power”. Go to www.redbubble.com and search for black, power and T-shirts for a hundred different black power T-shirts.

A classic black man’s dual standard for the two races. “... mass incarceration as a weapon against black men.”

If there is a mass incarceration of black men, its because the mass of crimes in this country are perpetrated by blacks on blacks. The first black president of the U.S. has proven through his long list of broken campaign promises, a level of public mendacity heretofore unseen by the American people, and a campaign style use of the bully pulpit to spread the most divisive and fear mongering messages to the public should have been publicly vetted. This holds especially true if the candidate was a life-long friend of a white and America-hating preacher on the south side of Chicago, and a good friend of an unapologetic American terrorist.

“We just traded poll taxes and literacy test for gerrymandering and voter ID laws.” Gerrymandering is a two-party process with both shamelessly doing anything to get elected. Mr.Pitts has no case here. Voter ID laws? Discriminates against blacks? Need an ID to drive, collect social security, get food stamps, qualify for medicaid, apply for a mortgage, buy alcohol, cash a check, cross an American border in either direction? It is a reasonable requirement to ensure voter fraud is not used in the voting places.

Find me one state that it can be proved that not having an ID caused any citizen to be denied access to a polling booth. By the way, these regulations are the sovereign right of any state as stipulated in 10th Amendment.

Gus Fitch