Let me tell you how dysfunctional the United States is. We can fly any other flag in our country, we can build Islamic centers, but my little quirk is we can’t fly the Confederate flag. That’s part of our history, and I’ll fly it regardless.


When this country collapses – it’s not if, it’s when – I hope all those who voted for our president suffer more than the ones that didn’t.

Price of gas

Could someone please tell me why our gas is almost up to $3.60 now that Obama was sworn in for another four years. Six weeks ago, gas cost $2.90. Makes you wonder.


Al Sharpton went on MSNBC and made fun of Marco Rubio for drinking water. Does Sharpton still owe the IRS millions of dollars in taxes and still hasn’t paid them?


I want to say thank you to the person who’s taxing all these oil companies so our gas prices keep going up. Thank you, Mr. President.

A joke

Excellent letter to the editor by Mrs. Stoker in reference to the hacking of all our personal information. Our state is a joke for how they’re handling this.


How much money is being wasted on the new men’s basketball coach at USC? The other night they scored 47 points. What a waste of the money. I guess we’re paying that.

Card party

Thanks to St. Mary’s for putting on a wonderful game and card party.