Lindsey Graham

Is Lindsey Graham the illegitimate son of Barney Fife?

  Health Costs

The government just recovered more than $4 billion they had paid out in health fraud. Just think how much extra money they're going to pay out on the Obamacare plan.

  Hummingbird Feeding

In summer, the only hummingbird in South Carolina is the ruby-throated. In fall, ruby-throats migrate south and several western species of hummingbirds find their way to South Carolina. The rufous hummingbird is most common in our area in winter. Keep your nectar feeder filled all winter. To learn more, visit

  Food choices

What gives you the right to tell me what I can buy with my food stamps to feed my family? I don't tell you what you can spend.

  Street Cleaning

After contacting the State DOT & County, I find out no one has a budget to keep the streets clean beyond the city proper. The trash on Whiskey Road, Banks Mill Road, Chime Bell Church Road, Williston Road and plenty of other streets is horrible. Where is our pride? Is there any chance businesses south of Talatha Church Road, like all the auto repair shops and auto parts shops might challenge their employees to pitch in to keep the landscape clean in their areas of business? It would be such a neighborly gesture and good deed.

  Road funding

I wish the people on town council who do not think they can spend our tax dollars on paving Cedar Branch Road in Windsor would drive down it after a rain. They should ask the man who slid off in the ditch and had to be towed if it needs paving. Forget painting the bridge.