Stolen info

Last year, the VA sent me a letter warning me that my personal information was stolen from its computers. This year, the S.C. Department of Revenue sent me a letter saying my tax information is compromised. My question is who's doing what? Do we have competent people in government?


  I agree with the person that asked why we allow these people in jail to just sit there when we have roads around Aiken that are in desperate need of clean-up.


  If we had a Congress, it would impeach Obama. If we had a Senate, it would convict him.


  The Bible says the poor will be with you always. Who is Obama to go against the Bible?


  It is necessary for Hitchcock Parkway to be widened. For anyone who lives on the Southside and doesn't have to travel to the Northside near the interstate, it takes 45 minutes. That is pathetic.


  I think it was great Obama got a nice sleep and was well-rested for his campaign trip the next day while our people were killed in Benghazi.


  We went to the Mardi Gras parade, and it was a great beginning. Keep it up.


  I have a love/hate relationship with politics. Maybe we can give more tax cuts and more tax cuts to Wal-Mart, so it can keep running its sweat shops in foreign countries.

No funding

  I agree that the public should not fund development in North Augusta.


  Why is every movie theater in Aiken playing R-rated movies except for one movie?