At least 2,000 Savannah River Nuclear Solution employees will be placed on furlough schedules beginning April 1, according to an e-mail sent to employees by President and CEO Dwayne Wilson.

Those 2,000 people will be placed on 32-hour work week schedules, the e-mail said, and employees impacted will be notified by March 15.

In select areas of SRS, full furloughs will begin on April 1, the e-mail said. Those impacted will be notified by next week, but the e-mail did not specify what a "full furlough" will entail.

"Due to the uncertain and potential fluctuating amount of funding which may be available to SRNS, further furloughs may be necessary," Wilson wrote. "We recognize the difficult financial implications of any furlough and we will make every effort to keep you informed," the e-mail said.