Ideas are part of problem

While Lester Welch might have viewed Jack Devine’s column as being ironic, I saw it as sad and as part of the problem. DeVine believes that in 1954, when the schools were segregated, our nation was “indivisible.” Had Jack ever spoken to an African-American, he would have known that many refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance because it had the hypocritical word “indivisible” in it, not to mention that “liberty and justice for all” thing.

Like a man without a memory, Jack proposes our nation suddenly became divided when a black man was elected president who was opposed by a number of mostly white Republicans called “knuckleheads” by their own party and currently opposed by Karl Rove. Rove has ironically emerged as the voice of reason and moderation within the conservative moment. While the Democrats are indivisible in this left-of-center county, it is the conservative movement that is clearly in disarray and out of touch with everything from reason to science.

DeVine proposes that the whole world is suddenly out of step except for the minority tea party.

Michael Ledo