Abigail Hutto and Jody Hutto took a Dr. Seuss birthday celebration seriously Thursday – if transforming into Cindy Lou Who can be considered serious.

Both Chukker Creek Elementary School students used soda cans to keep their hair up for an impressive look.

“Cindy’s hairstyle is really cute and it’s fun to see how it looks,” Abigail said.

The girls’ favorite character is the Lorax, thanks to the original book and the movie that came to theaters in 2012.

“He’s funny and he’s crazy,” Jody said.

Media specialist Cheryl Curtis helped coordinate the event. You might say she didn’t show up Thursday, sending a “substitute” called Viola Swamp. She’s actually a character from a children’s book called “Miss Nelson is Missing.” Miss Nelson can’t get her students to behave, and one day she’s missing, replaced by Viola Swamp – who seems to look just a bit like Miss Nelson, but is really mean.

Curtis tried her best to duplicate Viola Swamp. Not surprisingly, the fifth-graders didn’t buy the disguise, and even first-graders giggled happily.

Back to Dr. Seuss, the real star of the event, which actually ran Monday through Thursday. The activities on Monday ranged from a “Hide a Seuss” game contest and bookmark and door-decorating competitions. The events on Tuesday included a “Wacky Sock Day” – a tribute to Dr. Seuss’ love of wacky words. On Wednesday, classes decorated cakes and took them to the library.

The Dr. Seuss celebration culminated with a book character parade, which took place around the track. Thanks to Hollywood, Curtis said, its popular movies have helped bring Dr. Seuss back to lifefor another generation of kids.

“Even our fifth-graders still love Dr. Seuss,” Curtis said. “He’s giving them those last childhood memories about elementary school before going on to middle school.”