Too many lies from Obama

Are Americans dumb?

I saw several videos of President Obama describing what will happen if the sequestration – the $85 billion in spending cuts – is allowed to happen.

The $85 billion is a little over 2 percent of the federal budget for 2013 of $3.6 trillion. Obama said that thousands of fireman, policeman and teachers would lose their jobs even though they are not paid by the federal government. He said hundreds of thousands of federal employees would lose their jobs. He also said that thousands of flight controllers would be laid off. He said that federal prosecutors would be forced to drop cases and let criminals out of jail.

If all this will happens with about a 2 percent cut in the federal budget what is going to happen when the politicians are forced to make real cuts. Are the majority of Americans dumb? If we believe lies that are coming out of the Obama Administration, perhaps we are.

Charles Cushman