No sorrow for robber

Michael Blackwell robbed banks, and, of his own accord, he put lives in peril, danger and fear. What a ridiculous article. A waste of print on the part of the Aiken Standard. A big boo-hoo to Mr. Blackwell. He should be doing life. A career criminal he is. We as honest, law-abiding tax payers paid for his associate’s degree, his food, medical and dental for many years and, believe it or not, cable TV. Yes, cable TV. Inmates in the federal prison system eat better than most of us. The grounds look like a college campus – the only difference is they have a fence and razor wire, fence alarms, towers or an armed perimeter patrol around them. Still not even good enough for Mr. Blackwell, even after he was released to a halfway house, he still whined. I have no sympathy whatsoever for this individual. He slept in an air-conditioned housing unit with an ice machine, while our troops are sleeping on the ground, in vehicles, tanks, eating MRE’S and suffering unbearable heat and cold.

Fix Pine Log

S.C. Department of Transportation shouldn’t worry about Tucker Creek Road; it isn’t a main artery to anywhere. What they should worry about is Pine Log Road. It needs to be paved. It’s in terrible shape, and people park all over the road near the schools.

Obamacare unwanted

I sold my business, got rid of my employees. I don’t know where they are. Because I can make money to live on my own, I don’t need to mess with Obamacare.

Lying politicians

President Clinton said, “I did not have sex with that woman.” President Obama says, “I did not approve the sequester.” There’s plenty of evidence to prove otherwise. What is it with these presidents who look us in the eyes and lie?

Stand up to loud ads

There are now new restrictions on the volume TV ads can use in relation to the volume of normal broadcasts. This restriction is very welcomed because it prevents the abuse, which has become standard. We should do all we can to prevent this restriction from being constantly ignored. When you get an obvious “over-volume” call on your television, call or write the station that ran it. They have a responsibility in this issue. We intend to file suit with any abuse. Turn them in, and keep your freedom from the yelling maniacs. Would you actually buy a car or glasses from someone who finds it necessary to yell at you?