The idea of someone tunnelling through a wall to burglarize a business seems as if it came directly from a Hollywood script. However, the owners of three businesses at the Plaza Shop Center on E. Martintown Road in North Augusta were hardly amused when they found damage to their enterprises Friday morning.

The burglars made a mess, said Gloria Cunninghan, Merle Norman Cosmetics owner. Employees of H & R Block first discovered the transgressions of the burglars.

“I received a call from North Augusta Public Safety dispatch at 8:20 Friday morning,” said Cunningham. “They came through the Chinese restaurant into the H & R Block building.”

It appeared that the burglars put their foot through the dry wall creating a person size hole, said Cunningham. And although the burglars left with only some change, the damage they caused was more costly. Repairs have to be made to the point of entry, and merchandise that had been removed from shelves and was carelessly thrown onto the floor during the burglary had to be cleaned up.

“We’re not missing anything,” said Cunningham.

The Chinese restaurant was also among the businesses that sustained damage during the criminal activity that more than likely took place some time between Thursday evening and Friday morning.

But again, the burglars left with only a minimal amount of cash, said a man who only wished to be identified as Mr. Chen.

“They broke in Friday morning,” said Chen, who identified himself as the owner of China.

Anyone with information about the burglaries should contact the North Augusta Police Department at 441-4320.