The Birds and More Exotic Bird Fair flew into Aiken this weekend, showcasing some colorful feathered creatures as well as offering some deals on bird accessories.

The fair, organized by Don Price, kicked off Saturday at the Western Carolina State Fairgrounds where vendors and bird breeders were assisting curious residents and other bird enthusiasts.

Chirps and squawks could be heard from the fairgrounds as various parrots, cockatiels, doves and other birds were on display.

Dozens of vendors from across the Southeast are selling cages, feed, toys and more.

Peggy King of Aiken was there to check out the birds and pick up some items for her own pets.

“This is a great place to do it,” she said.

Brenda Keels of the Feather Factory came to the event from Monroe, N.C. She said she had attended the fair before and she hopes the interest is still in Aiken. Keels said she loves the area and said the fair is a good excuse for her to visit.

“This show, we think, will get bigger again so we’ll be back,” Keels said.

Danielle Ramsey of Ramsey Ringnecks, based in Hephzibah, Ga., said she had never been to a bird show before and enjoyed showing off her doves.

“I like it so far,” Ramsey said. “I hope they make it an annual thing.”

The show will continue today from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is $5 per person. The fairgrounds are located at 1566 Columbia Hwy. N.

For more information, call (423) 240-8423.