South Boundary, the Aiken-based a cappella ensemble, will be joined by graphic artists for an unusual and intriguing collaborative performance Friday.

The “performance art” concert will be held at Trinity United Methodist Church, 2724 Whiskey Road, at 7 p.m. South Boundary will present 12 tunes to the audience.

During the concert, as each song is performed, one artist will work on a 20-by-28 white paper. That artist will use a bold black marker to produce a rendering of what that artist hears in the music.

The artists will have as long to draw as the songs last, which should range from two to six minutes in length.

Following the concert, the artists will participate in a “meet and greet” in the church fellowship hall. A silent auction will be held for these works of art. Artists are also welcome to bring a small portfolio of their work to promote themselves to the community.

“South Boundary has a long history of working with others, particularly students, to get them artistic exposure and a little financial support for their programs,” said South Boundary member Bill Riehl. “This is just a further example of that collaboration spirit. You can visit our website at to get some background on the group.”

Riehl said he and other South Boundary members were discussing possibilities for trying something new; someone then suggested having artists join them. To their surprise, Aiken High School art teacher Tara Hanna has done this before, as have groups around the country. Hanna will participate as one of the artists.

Both Aiken High and USC-Aiken will participate in the event. South Boundary has supplied lyrics and a recording of the tunes to be sung, so adequate preparation can be done for the event. The vocalists are encouraging a “theatrical” approach to the drawings.

The artists that will be performing are Keirsten Warfield, AC Daniel, Tara Hanna, Mike Kimmerly, Sydney Herrick, Dustin Snellings, Bev Carter, Michael Norris, Alison Davis, Adora Ewuzie, Lauren Beach and Melissa Major.