The CSRA is about to get soaking wet, according to the National Weather Service.

Residents may have woken up to cloudy skies and rain pounding on their rooftops. The forecast for this weekend’s weather shows heavy rains today through Saturday, a fairly sunny Sunday and precipitation again on Monday.

The heaviest rain from the first system should shift to the coast by mid-afternoon on Saturday, according to National Weather Service Meteorologist Dan Miller.

Miller said that combined with this rain event and what’s expected from the next system that is predicted to move in Monday, the CSRA could see between 3 to 4 inches of precipitation.

“That’s a pretty good amount of rain,” Miller said.

Miller said they can’t rule out a rumble of thunder but no severe storms are expected.

Miller added that it’s unusual to have two significant rainfall events so close together.

A low pressure system on the gulf is bringing in all the moisture, Miller said.

Despite a dry January, Miller said it’s possible the precipitation amounts are CSRA is slightly above normal and the area, specifically Augusta, could see the wettest February on record. Augusta’s Bush Field has collected 6.39 inches since the beginning of February and if it reaches 10.03, it will set the record, Miller said.

Chance for precipitation today is 90 percent with temperatures reaching the high 40s. There’s a 60 percent chance for rain to continue on Saturday with a predicted high of 57 degrees.

Sunday’s forecast is sunny with temperatures in the mid-60s and there’s a 50 percent chance of rain moving back in on Monday with temperatures in the mid-50s.