Address doughnut hole issues

A horrendous situation has been allowed to happen in the privacy of our backyards on Oriole Street and Wren Place.

When we, the residents, bought our homes in 1972, we had a lovely, narrow, line of virgin timbers between our residential property and the noise of Silver Bluff Road.

Silver Bluff was widened, Hitchcock Plaza built and commercial crossed onto the residential side – it’s behind our homes, but we were still buffered, somewhat, by the tree line.

This one strip of timbers, also separated our residential city property from a county property, referred to as a “county doughnut hole.”

The county has more lenient zoning regulations than the city.

A few weeks ago, this small strip of city-owned land, with the timber, was sold to the county property owner and the timber line was savagely stripped away.

Now we homeowners look off our back patios into the dumpsters of a paint store, Rhodes Square, a restaurant, an auto repair shop and trailer homes.

It seems there is no special ruling for this type situation where a county and a city border each other.

This is the reason that the doughnut holes issue need to be addressed – county property owners in center of the city with conveniences of what the city taxpayers provide.

It seems to us that the county property owner would have tried to cause as little unsightliness as possible, between the two ruling properties.

We are now back-to-back, without any buffers. We invite you to drive down Oriole Street. Only then will you be able to appreciate the gravity of which we speak.

Pat Bickley