Vote against the TIF extension

The North Augusta City politicians have now apparently wrapped up their dog and pony show presentations to the Aiken County School Board and Aiken County Council regarding their proposed baseball stadium, parking garage and conference center hoping that the School Board and County Council will not object the proposed TIF extension by the March 19 deadline.

Incredibly, they claim that the diversion of $30 million from county coffers to pay off the bonds for this project will not raise taxes on the rest of the county.

This claim does not even pass the smell test.

How do you take $30 million out of the county coffers and not have it affect the rest of us who live in the county. Common sense tells us that someone has to make that amount up.

The North Augusta administrator, Todd Glover, claims that this is not a stadium or a hotel project. He claims that it is an economic development project. Well, Mr. Glover, it is a stadium project and a hotel project.

The question is, how should it be paid for? Every development, whether privately or publicly funded has some economic component. If done with private funding it will also be an economic development project.

This is nothing more that a taxpayer funded bailout of private development and should be rejected just like the FineDeering bailout of several years ago.

Any member of the School Board and County Council who does not vote against this TIF needs to be tarred, feathered and ridden out of town on a rail.

Ted Eno