Good economic news is hard to come by these days, but Aiken County got a big dose of it on Wednesday.

The startup recycler Recleim announced plans to establish its first recycling plant in Graniteville.

And the “cherry on top” is that the company will renovate one of the shuttered mills there. It is fitting that a recycling plant would recycle an old building. It’s a trend we hope continues.

Recleim, pronounced reclaim, plans to invest $40.6 million in the project and create 200 new jobs. The company will recycle appliances and e-waste materials.

It’s an environmentally friendly business moving into a place where the environment has been savagely damaged.

It was just up the street from the planned Recleim site where on Jan. 6, 2005, a collision of train cars led to the release of chlorine, killing nine and injuring 200. The chlorine spill significantly damaged property and equipment of many businesses.

The small mill village, already reeling from downfall of the textile industry, was devastated.

But announcements like this, and others like Bridgestone’s massive investment in Aiken County, area testament to the hard work of our leaders and the quality of life we have here.

We look forward to more good economic news.