An Aiken man who was accused of stealing beer from a delivery truck was found hiding in a closet in a South Boundary Avenue apartment, according to the Aiken Department of Public Safety.

Keith Bradberry, 43, was detained for breaking and entering a motor vehicle and placed in the Aiken County detention center.

Dawn Marie Brunson, 41, was detained for hindering an officer serving a warrant and was also placed in the detention center.

Officers received a tip that Bradberry was at an apartment on South Boundary Avenue on Wednesday, according to the report. While officers were investigating, Brunson came out onto the porch and was asked if Bradberry was there. She told officers she didn’t know.

When officers asked if they could enter the building and search it for Bradberry, Brunson told them they couldn’t come in and would have to get a search warrant, according to the report.

The landlord went into the building and opened a closet door, then walked back to the officers on the porch and told them Bradberry was inside, according to the report.

An officer called from the porch for Bradberry to exit the closet and lay on the floor, and Bradberry complied, according to the report. He and Brunson were transported to the detention center.

The theft happened at a convenience store on Whiskey Road on Monday, according to reports. The driver of a delivery truck had gone into the store to drop off some cases of beer.

The driver saw a man inside the store acting “strangely” who then went outside, pulled his Cadillac CTS up to the truck, opened one of the side doors on the truck and began throwing cases of beer into his vehicle, according to reports.

The driver ran outside and approached Bradberry, who said “he was sorry” and began putting the beer back into the truck, according to the report. Bradberry reportedly offered to pay the driver $10 “not to call the police,” but as the driver called, Bradberry got into his car and fled.