Disappointed in Graham’s response

My latest attempt to communicate with Senator Graham was a total waste of my time.

My e-mail:

I watched with interest the cloture vote in the Senate … I am truly disappointed that you chose to present to the world (such) division on the national security and defense issues facing our country today instead of helping put in place a Secretary of Defense who is committed to the defense of our country and who can relate to the issues facing the men and women in uniform due to his past military service and his experience as a U.S. Senator. A united position on defense and national security project a position of (U.S.) strength, but your words and vote present just the opposite.

It makes me feel that your fear of an extreme right-leaning primary challenger has caused you to blur the lines when it comes to keeping our country safe. Looking tough on cable news shows may play well in South Carolina, but participating in a first in American history – the filibuster of a nominee for Secretary of Defense – is (shameful).

His e-mail reply:

... I appreciate the opportunity to hear from you.

In spite of the high volume of mail I receive daily, I look forward to reviewing your correspondence and providing a personal response as soon as possible.

As we continue our work in the 113th Congress, I look forward to supporting our troops in the War on Terror, repairing our economy and creating jobs, strengthening social Security, lowering the tax burden on American families, and making the federal government more accountable and efficient.


Lindsey Graham

His goal of “providing a personal response” was not accomplished in this exchange! I doubt future correspondence from constituents will be more successful.

L.L. Sherwood