Opposes redistribution of wealth

We keep hearing President Obama complain that rich people must pay their fair share of taxes to level the field for the middle class.

That’s three overused and under-comprehended terms in one sentence. Look up the definition of fair and ask how it is that many of the so-called middle class pay no federal income taxes, and a small percentage of the highest achievers pay the bulk of what the federal government takes for redistribution.

What if this Obama fairness doctrine were applied to grading in schools? Would it be fair that those who took good notes, did their homework, and applied themselves to get high grades should have their good grades reallocated and shared with those who fall asleep in class and spend their homework time playing video games?

Well what about those who are just gifted and were born smart? Shouldn’t they be required to share their grades with underachievers and level the playing field with the so-called less fortunate? Should A-List athletes or movie stars be forced to redistribute their huge salaries and trophies to assist less gifted athletes or actors?

It kind of reduces incentives to achieve, doesn’t it?

Whenever you hear a proposal about taking a bigger share from someone who has more – to redistribute to another who has less, think about these analogies. Ask yourself how fair is it really to require higher percentages of income taxes from the wealthy than from the rest of us. From this perspective, I support either the fair tax for taxing consumption, or the flat tax, where everyone pays his or her same fair share – a simple and equal percentage of income.

Remember, simpler rules and more transparency is always fairer whether it be in sports, education, law enforcement or financing government.

Richard Eichler