I just heard a Republican senator say on CNN that, “Using drones to kill people without oversight is wrong.” My question to him is: Why then is it OK to shoot people in schools, universities, shopping malls and movie theaters in our own country?

Nice vs. need

In a country that’s in financial trouble, this Obama phone program is said to have cost $1.6 billion in 2011. What do low-income people do to earn these free phones and free minutes that I’m paying for? I didn’t know that a cell phone was a basic human need. Really? Nice – yes; necessary – no. I’ve worked in the public schools, and I’ve seen the verification of eligibility for free lunches in action. I can only imagine the “process of getting a free phone is an easy one,” as stated in the newspaper article on Feb. 5.


I think the reason Obama was elected twice was simply because there are more deadbeats and loafers now than there are working people.

God, guns, guts

God, guns and guts made America free. They tried to take religion out of everything, and now they are trying to ban the guns. May God bless you.


I’d like to know if the four candidates for treasurer that were kicked off the ballot had their filing fee refunded to them. It seems so unfair that they can just jump and do a write-in and get elected and not have to pay anything.


Obama has spent 32 percent of our national debt in four years, and now he proposes a $500 million plan for gun control. Why does it take $500 million to make a plan? He just continues the debt.


I live in New Ellenton and I have a hummingbird in my yard feeding on the camellias. I wondered if anyone else in this area has a hummingbird. This is, after all, in the middle of our winter.


European banks were fined $1.9 billion for laundering money for drug cartels. When will the American public see this money or will the Europeans turn up their noises at the Department of Justice?

New Jersey

I have a question. Would the S.C. Congressional delegation support a MOX Project in New Jersey that costs $7 billion? Think about it.