You might be more inclined to see Cynthia Cubbage, Laura Regan, Laura Gordon, Tracy Ratliff-Lord, Collier McLeod and Camille Reed in the show ring, the warm-up ring, ringside or in the barn. However, that’s not the only side to these women, who’ve enjoyed success on the national and regional level exhibiting at horse shows.

They’re now being recognized in an exhibit at the Aiken County Historical Museum. An opening reception will take place March 14 at 7 p.m.

The idea for the exhibit came about as a result of articles about Cubbage and her clients and their success at the United States Equestrian Federation Awards Banquet and Laura Regan’s artwork that appeared in the Aiken Standard, said Elliott Levy, Aiken County Historical Museum executive director.

“These ladies have talent, have enjoyed national recognition, and live in Aiken,” said Levy. “I’m very proud of them, and want to show off their accomplishments in the museum. This is a horse community, and it’s an element that we like to talk about.”

The exhibit showcases a number of the awards and ribbons received by Cubbage and her clients on a wall and display case.

“It’s a great honor to be part of an exhibit at the musuem,” said Cubbage. “Elliott Levy did such a wonderful job with the exhibit. My clients were particularly flattered to be so nicely included in the exhibit. They all do such a great job with their fabulous horses. I was pleased with the exposure they were given.”

Regan, whose artwork hangs in the same wing of the museum, echoed Cubbage’s sentiments. The display showcases Regan’s diversity of portraits including a Mozambique lady, a Labrador retriever, as well as equestrian sport and activities.

“I’m so thankful to Elliott for giving me the opportunity to have my work at the museum,” said Regan. “It’s such an amazing honor. I feel so blessed to have their support.”