Next time you’re braving bad weather indoors with your sweetie – or just want to spend a day inside – keep yourself entertained with these activities, perfect for a little couple bonding.

1. Learn something new together, like juggling or playing guitar. If one of you can actually juggle, it’s time for some lessons! Or there’s even the option of having a teacher come to your home (he can sled down the street on his guitar case).

2. Three words: House of Cards. Netflix couldn’t have asked for better timing – now you have the perfect excuse to snuggle up and watch all 13 episodes of On-Demand goodness.

3. Never cook at home? Now’s your chance. Pick a dish from your favorite restaurant and try to replicate it (cheater alert: the recipe will almost certainly be online). Or just play a game of “What can we create from the contents of our pantry?”

4. Even better, have someone come to your abode and cook for you. Ring up a chef to brave the elements, arrive at your kitchen and whip up a heavenly meal while you both lounge in bed.

5. Pick up a Wii, put on gym clothes and play each other in a game of tennis. Or golf. Or bowling. Or boxing.

6. Go to the Met. Without leaving your living room by visiting

7. Find all the booze in the house, line it up on your countertop and visit You’ll be mixing delectable drinks in no time, even if all you have is gin and root beer.

8. Game Day! Choose your own adventure: Monopoly, Risk, Truth or Dare, even a little strip poker if you’re up for it (preferably after activity No. 7).

9. Create your own episode of “Trading Spaces” – rearrange everything from the couch to the wall hangings to the rugs. A new look in the living room can be akin to having a whole new house – and if you don’t like the results, you can always change it back (it’s not like you have to be anywhere in the next three hours).