There is a free program in Aiken offering wigs and head wraps to those who have suffered hair loss as a side effect of radiation or chemotherapy treatments.

Chemo with Style, offered with the support of Hospice Care of Tri-County, meets on the fourth Monday of every month at Imago Hair Salon & Day Spa from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. It is available to cancer patients currently undergoing treatment and those who are past treatment.

The program teaches patients how to use and care for wigs and head wraps, according to Kara Flanders with Hospice Care of Tri-County.

Wigs and head wraps are provided at no charge. A stylist and other volunteers will be on hand to fit each individual, showing creative ways how to wear different head gear, and offering other personal appearance tips.

“It’s a way for our company to give back. We want to be a partner in the community,” Flanders said.

Rhonda Brown, also with Hospice Care of Tri-County, said it is rewarding to see the change in some people when they put on a wig or wrap after dealing with hair loss.

“It is the change from down-and-out to, ‘I’m beautiful,’” she said.