Aiken County's website has been recognized by Sunshine Review for having the most transparent government website in the state.

Aiken County was the only entity to receive a grade of A+. The next highest grade, an A-, was given to Anderson County's website.

Sunshine Review, a national nonprofit, recognized just 214 entities nationwide after looking at more than 6,000 government websites.

“We're consciously trying to put out as much electronically as we can,” said Aiken County Administrator Clay Killian. “That's the way the world works now.”

He commended IT Director Johnny Walton and his staff for a job well done.

Each website is graded using a 10-point transparency checklist. Areas that Sunshine Review looks at include a posting of the current budget, notices of public meetings, names of key administrators and their contact information, a central location for all tax information and downloadable applications for permits.

Included in the “good” of the Aiken County website, according to Sunshine Review, is that it posts the budget for the past 15 years, meeting minutes and agendas are posted and archived, bids and requests for proposals are posted online and elected officials are listed with a mailing address, phone number and personal email.

The website also has an online service request system, known as @ Your Request!, which collects requests on a number of categories such as billing and fees and road maintenance. Those requests are then forwarded to the employee designated to complete the specific request.

The only “bad” noted by Sunshine Review is that the contract information available on the website does not contain amounts.

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