Supports new school in Graniteville

After reading several letters to your newspaper concerning the building of a new middle school in Graniteville, I am compelled to speak out about what so many of my peers and I think of this matter.

This country as a whole has lost sight of basic and core government functions. One of these functions is public education. Like many, I voted against the (school bond) referendum. If the Aiken County School Board had said my taxes would increase $100 a year to hire and equip more teachers, I would have voted for it and maybe even talked it up to non-supporters. But they did not, and at the time I saw no need for replacing a historical relic.

Now I read of the possibility of replacing Leavelle McCampbell Middle School and many are complaining once more. Based on its state test results, it has received a GreatSchools rating of 4 out of 10.

My children currently attend Byrd Elementary. That is the nicest school I have ever been in. Why did we build a new elementary school? It’s simple – overcrowding. So why now since Warrenville, Byrd and a small portion of Gloverville schools feed to this middle school, are we complaining about building a new one?

We are afraid of taxes. We aren’t afraid of eating out every night, buying TV’s or new cars. It should be about the children, not about us.

It’s past time to build this school. Statistics show that children do better and excel faster while using modern tools and equipment, almost 41 percent better. Take that figure and add 17 percent if it’s in a modern facility. If our future leaders will do 58 percent better in a new school, raise my taxes $100. I applaud the School Board for trying to do good things in my community.

Andy Johnson