Need laws for scooters on roads

Please explain why South Carolina allows mopeds and scooters on our roads.

They drive well under the posted speed limit and pose a serious hazard. I had a close encounter with a moped just last week on Highway 25 south of Trenton in a 55 mph zone. It had no tail lights and was going about 25 mph – weaving, in the dark.

South Carolina moped laws are a joke. The Department of Motor Vehicles’ website states that you can drive one of these as a alternative mode of transportation if you have a driver’s license suspended of six months or less. People who have their license suspended for driving drunk are allowed to drive on our roads using mopeds and scooters.

That makes absolutely no sense. If you lose your driving privileges you should be off the road as a driver. Period.

Children too young to have a driver’s license can drive mopeds and scooters on our roads. What kind of official training have they had?

I comply with state law, pay property taxes and have a valid driver’s license. I have current state registrations, tags and insurance on both my vehicles. If mopeds and scooters use our roads, provide law enforcement officers with clear, enforceable laws with heavy punitive consequences for violations – just like the laws for the rest of us.

Those drivers should be required to have training, insurance, registrations and licenses, just like the rest of us.

Finally, on the websites of the Aiken Standard, The State and The Augusta Chronicle newspapers I searched for “mopeds.” The traffic fatalities and accident reports were scary. Who in their right mind would drive a moped on I-26, I-20 or Route 1? Who in their right mind would allow it? These answers are, unfortunately, obvious.

Karen Jensen