U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, a Republican who represents South Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District, issued the following statement this evening in response to President Obama¹s State of the Union Address on Tuesday:

“With a national debt of over $16 trillion, record unemployment on the rise, and a shrinking national GDP, now is the time for the President to work with Congress to achieve balanced solutions to put our economy back on the path to prosperity. (The State of the Union) remarks by President Obama conveyed to the American people that our Commander in Chief does not believe we have a spending problem. Instead, he claimed that he is willing to work with House Republicans to solve the tremendous issues facing our nation. Based on the past four years, his rhetoric does nothing but guarantee empty promises.

“Last year Congress, House Republicans passed legislation that supported an all-of-the-above energy proposal, a balanced-approach replacement for the impending sequester and a national security strategy that kept American families safe. We were able to conquer our objectives while striving to put our fiscal house in order. Unfortunately, the President and his colleagues in the Senate have refused to consider our efforts or even negotiate with us.

“Over the next four years, the only way our nation will begin to fully recover is if the President begins to change course. It is my hope that he will extend an olive branch and work with House Republicans to help put our economy back on the right path.”