Burning permits

This is in regard to the burning that was mentioned in TalkBack. We, too, were victims of that burning. It wasn't like a wood-burning fire place or even a pile of leaves burning. It was a pervasive, acrid smoke that choked you up and gave you a headache that lasted for hours. I can't believe that they could have had a burning permit. Don't you need a permit in order to burn in a county?

Dysfunctional gov't

In watching Hillary Clinton testify before Congress on Benghazi, you begin to realize just how bloated and dysfunctional our government is.

Our representative

Congressman Joe Wilson had the chance to represent Aiken in the Jan. 23 hearing and unfortunately he did. Wilson, clearly out of his league intellectually, asked Hillary Clinton why she didn't do the Sunday shows. Are you kidding me? This is what our representative wants to know? Oh, South Carolina, we can do better.

Avoid gun shows

I've been hearing about another gun and knife show going on in Augusta. I have been going to gun and knife shows for more than 15 years. One thing remains constant. They charge $10 for admission to see guns that are way overpriced, thinking you will buy them because of convenience, and 99 percent of the people who go leave disappointed. So, let me save you a trip. I, as a gun owner and a gun supporter all my life, discourage you for even supporting these rip-off places anymore. If you want a gun, go to the store and buy one. You will pay a lot less than you will at the gun show.

Repainting mailboxes

I agree with the article in TalkBack about some red, white and blue paint repainting the mailboxes in Aiken. That's true – they are really shabby looking. We can't deal with that. By the way, since all this bickering is done with the bridge. If we get enough paint, we could paint the bridge also red, white and blue. Most of the bridge could be red and blue with some white stars on each of the walls on the left and right lane. I think it would be really nice and very patriotic, too.