Pave road

How much worse does Pine Log Road have to be to get it paved from Collinville Road to the Centre South shopping center? This road is one of the worst roads in Aiken and one of the most highly-traveled roads. Now, get out there, and get something done. We aren’t worried about the Laurens Street bridge. What good is a bridge if you can’t use a car to go up and down the highway without hitting potholes everywhere?

Flashing lights

  Can someone please tell me why the light at Walmart and CVS is not fixed, or why it’s flashing? There were almost four car wrecks in less than five minutes today. People don’t know how to navigate the flashing lights or something. I don’t know what the problem is but to leave those lights flashing is dangerous.

Sports commentary

  The blank look on the Falcons’ player on your front page of your sports seems to be typical of most athletes nowadays.

I would like to say that I don’t agree that Clemson is a natural loser. I think the University of South Carolina has a lot to do with it.

Debate on blame

  Who has more blood on their hands — conservatives and the NRA, or liberals and Planned Parenthood? God knows.

Re-election results

  One of the things I’m happiest about for the re-election of this great man is the fact that it continues to cause such angst for Rush Limbaugh and his followers.

Picture of Obamas

  I want to thank the Aiken paper for printing such a big picture of the president and his wife. It really was beautiful.