Disagrees with letter on gays

I strongly disagree with the opinion expressed in Jim Saine’s Feb. 8 letter (“Object to Gays in Scouting”) and am saddened by the persistence of unfounded prejudice in an organization professing to teach leadership and civic values to young men. Though Saine invokes the bogyman of pedophile in his letter, he fails to acknowledge the simple fact: there is no evidence linking homosexuality to predatory behavior (or poor parenting, weak leadership, bad morals, dangerous role modeling, inadequate hygiene, or whatever else Saine and his ilk might dream up next).

Increasingly, American Christians are recognizing that discrimination against homosexuals violates the fundamental tenets of their religion (as set out, for example, in Mathew 22:39-40 or John 13:34). But some, like Saine and the Boy Scouts of America leadership, persist in imagining God as frivolous, bigoted and invested in preserving an outdated ideology. I hope most Christians will ignore such voices, continue to explore the the Bible’s complexities and more thoughtfully apply scripture to their lives and decisions.

David A. Bruzina