U.S. being hurt by policies

President Obama is busy working on a number of anti-American projects at the same time, and it seems we have to fear all of them. Daily we hear something new being added to his list. He and his cronies in Congress are busy trying to shred the Constitution.

Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder would have us believe that only the government and criminals should have semi-automatic rifles. That’s essentially what an assault weapons ban really means. Just recently, it was revealed that the number of ships hijacked by Somali pirates decreased once the ships’ owners hired armed guards. What took them so long to figure that one out?

The Republican Party is going along with immigration reform, which is nothing more than a plan to create another 20 million to 30 million voters. I don’t believe the official 11 million to 12 million estimate. There are a lot more illegal aliens than the government wants to admit. If this amnesty is allowed to go through, it will be the end of the Republican Party, and the beginning of the end of America. The new citizens will start a third political party, or simply write-in their own candidates. Of course, the Southern border remains unsecured, so a few more million illegal aliens can invade our country.

When the war finally winds down in Afghanistan, where will the returning veteranss work? WalMart? They deserve better.

Of course, there is Benghazi. Americans were killed while the chief executive was asleep at the wheel. What happened to the rapid response team in the Mediterranean?

Stay tuned, Obama is not done with the Bill of Rights. There could be a drone strike coming to your neighborhood soon. Where will we draw the line?

Stanley Ostrawski