Objects to school building cost

Just over 2 years ago, the Aiken County School Board asked the people to allocate money to build new schools at a cost of $236 million. In the 2010 referendum, the public voters sent a clear message by more than 70 percent and said no. Two weeks ago, two separate articles were published stating that the school board is planning to replace a school donated to them by Graniteville Company to build a new one, even though they were quoted as saying that the building is structurally sound and even though the area they want to build the school is where at least one wreck a week occurs.

The school isn’t overcrowded. I even asked several people in maintenance about the issue and their reasoning is that they just don’t want to deal with maintaining the school. Board members didn’t say what it would cost to upgrade the school. They simply said that on Feb. 12 they would be making a decision to replace the structure for $22 million, money they say are already allocated for replacement or renovation.

Am I the only Aiken County resident who is upset that even though our schools throughout the county are still suffering educationally and the school board does not have the funds to provide day-to-day supplies to our existing schools, they can plow ahead without the public questioning them? I sent a mass email to them asking questions, yet have not heard a word from either board member or our superintendent on my questions.

Why wouldn’t the school board hold a meeting of this nature in our neighborhood? Where is the rest of the 70 percent objecting to this?

Tina Bevington