No matter what your age, you probably smile fondly when you think about a line from a special book you’ve read, or had read to you, as a child.

Maybe is was the sing-song rhyme or the colorful drawings that came to life on the page that you loved.

Or maybe it was the voice your mother used for each of the animals.

Or maybe it was the adventure the characters had, the magical journey that took you away.

We ask readers to tell us about their favorite children’s books, and we got lots of responses from children and adults, including several from Kimberly Parrish’s third grade class at North Aiken Elementary.

Today, we print some of our favorites.

Happy reading!

This book, “1001 Things Every Teen Should Know Before They Leave Home (Or Else They Will Come Back)” is one of the best bookI have read in awhile. I got it for my daughter.

— Vernon Taylor

“Arthur’s Birthday” is my favorite book. My cousin and I read it together. We read it at my mom’s house, and we ate pizza. I wonder if my cousin liked the book as much as I did. Have you read “Arthur’s Birthday?”

— Ishmel Walker, 3rd grade

My two year old grandson, Chandler Basile, has loved books since he was an infant, and he also loves trucks. A friend gave him a truck board book, and he wanted me to read it every day. Eventually, he learned to “read” the book “Roadwork” by Sally Sutton to me! The picture (to the left) shows what happened one day while he was “reading!”

— Marion Mobley

My favorite children’s book is “Biscuit Finds a Friend” because he’s a cute little puppy, and he’s really nice. He’s funny, blonde and happy. That book is awesome. What would you think if you read this book?

— Kyle Washington, 3rd grade

My favorite story is “Cat in the Hat” because when I was in kindergarden it was one of the first books I had read. It starts with two young kinds on a rainy day and they meet a festive cat. They mess up the house. What do you think they should do?

— Tawanna Jackson, 3rd grade

My favorite children’s book is “The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids: Sea Monsters Don’t Ride Motorcycles.” I like it because it has motorcycles, and they had a race. I can’t wait to read the next book! Would you like to read this children’s book?

— Jay Richardson, 3rd grade

My favorite children’s books are the beloved Betsy-Tacy stories by Maud Hart Lovelace, happily back in print. Set in early 19th century Minnesota, the series is about three best friends. One unique aspect of the books is that Betsy’s father, ahead of his time, encourages her to become a writer, inspiring generations of readers.

— Constance Martin

I am crazy about a basketball book called “The Million Dollar Shot.” I enjoy reading about basketball. The story is illustrated and written by Dan Crutman and is about a character named Eddie. For example, it is a spectacular children’s book which is also a chapter book. Have you ever read this story before?

— Malachi Walker, 3rd grade

I enjoy the “Cat in the Hat” and other Dr. Seuss books. His books are special to me. They are funny, rhyming, and the pictures are colorful. The cat in the hat gets upset in the end, but he soon becomes pleasant again. Are these books special to you?

— Aaliyah Hall, 3rd grade

My childhood favorite: “The Golden Egg Book.” I have read it to all my grandchildren, and they have embraced it as I did, 60-plus years ago! The sweet story appeals to children ages 2 to 5 years. It was written by Margaret Wise Brown, with beautiful illustrations by L. Weisgard.

— Paula Maxwell

My favorite book is “The Lorax.” “The Lorax” is special to me because it’s entertaining and it takes place in a beautiful forest. One of the characters is the Onceler. “The Lorax” is a picture book and a movie. It is about saving trees. What book is special to you?

— Sydney Horn, 3rd grade

My favorite series is the “Scooby Doo” series by James Gelsy. It’s special to me because I’ve been watching it since I was three. Scooby is adorable, and Velma and Daphne are lovely.

— Kassie Emanuel, 3rd grade