Obama wants to strengthen the middle class but he doesn’t say anything about where the money is going to come from to strengthen them. The money comes from the elite that he’s talking about. The elite are businesses, they hire people to do work – not the middle class.


This is to the person who wrote in about waiting 30 years to get a road paved. It almost made me cry. I thought all this time I held the record with my tony paper that says that I’m priority number 100 and it is dated June 6, 1984. It is a conversation piece framed on my refrigerator. I think after this length of time, we should at least be given a marker as a historical dirt road.


I was looking at the Riverfront project, and I was wondering if it was really wise to build that close to the river by removing flood plains. I’ve seen this done before, and it’s cost millions more than the original building costs because of constant flooding. It adds flooding down river because you’ve got nowhere for the water to go. We’re always complaining about floods, but I think this is adding to the problem. I would like to see development, but I don’t think its wise to take out a section of area that is a flood plain. If you build this, more people will want to start building near the river and adding to an already problem of flooding along rivers.


I would like to say thank you to the young woman who paid taxes on my meal at Fatz Cafe on Jan. 22. I would just like to say that there are people that still care about others.


To the person that said you should have a license to buy a gun like you need a license to buy a car. First of all, a firearm is a protected right, and you dont need a license to buy a car. You need one to drive it on a public road; just like you need a permit to carry a firearm in public. You have no right to tell me what I can or cannot keep in my private home. Read the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Congressman Jeff Duncan is my representative in Congress, but he does not represent my feelings and beliefs. I was appalled at his rudeness and arrogance when he was talking to Hillary Clinton during the Benghazi hearing.