Inauguration Day

I flew the American colors on Inauguration Day, at half-mass in memory of all the American liberties and dreams this president has slaughtered in the past four years.

TalkBack readers

A few of my friends get together every morning drinking coffee and looking at the TalkBack. Some of them mentioned that they’ve called in to TalkBack several times about banning gun magazines and clips and so forth, and we pick up the paper and you’ve got an article printed in there called “full protection.” Well, someone stated that it would be fine to allow the sale of grenades, tanks and chemical weapons because the government is coming to take our wives and kill our chickens. I think you ought to have a little more responsibility to the public than printing such crazy stuff as this. You need to select better posts rather than putting such idiotic statements in your paper.


Some churches are cleverly used by the devil to worship evil, because people go to church searching for our God. A variety of religious doctrine is waved in front of audiences like a sword or assault weapon. A plethora of religious television solicits the troubled, the meek, the destitute and the impoverished for their last dollars in the name of our Lord. My God has a sense of humor, my favorite animals are cats. They have nine lives right? I have used up a few so far, the worst situation most recently. You are blessed if you read this, so share, in the name of our lord, amen.

Washington, D.C.

I believe with all my heart that, if we could get rid of Mitch McConnell and let John Boehner handle the things in Washington, D.C., there would be cooperation, there would be more people working together and there would be more peace than we’ve been seeing.