Ban assault weapons

The Newtown massacre of children should be the absolute limit of America’s tolerance for the slaughter of innocents.

Australia, sickened of these killings and their government, outlawed automatic weapons. So should we.

No valid reason has been given for anyone, except our military, to have the capability to annihilate so many at once. While most National Rifle Association members consider it a benign consolidation of game hunters and target shooters, the NRA is very much in the arms business and profit from each gun and ammunition sold.

In 2012 alone, they received $1 million from one arms company, Midway USA. So, of course, the NRA proposal of arming our teachers and guards at every entrance is good business for increasing profits from the sale of guns.

Sadly, many of our legislatures vote as the NRA dictates knowing that the money and votes of the organization to determine their re-elections.

Maxine Dexter