Dear Scott: I saw Beyonce on the Super Bowl and wanted to know if you know whether or not her hair is really hers. The color is exactly what I want and I didn’t know if I would need extensions to have it that color. I looked it up online but some people say it is her hair and others say it isn’t her hair. I already have long hair and it’s wavy like hers. All I need is the color and then I’ll look just like her!

Answer: Many viewers are asking if Beyonce’s hair is really hers. Because it is there on her head, I’d say that it is hers or it would be on someone else’s head. Whether or not it once belonged to another person and is now being utilized as extensions is up for debate.

You are in luck if you already have long hair. The length of the hair determines the need for extensions. It can get pretty expensive. The color can easily be yours without the use of any extensions or hair additions.

Multi-tonal color has never been as popular as right now. Long or short, there are some tasteful new ways of coloring hair available this year. If Beyonce’s color is what you want, caramelize it.

Caramelizing is a multi-tone, two-process color that will give you the beautiful 3D effect you are looking for. Cool undertones add depth to the hair while bright caramel shades of up-lights give the impression of Beyonces hair looking remarkably delicious.

Marbleizing turns flat, dull, browns into yummy, fudgy, goodness. Triple-dip shading of dark-on-dark also turns grey hair into a delightfully appetizing treat.

Sorbet slicing makes pastels pop. Tone-on-tone lights and darks of peachy goodness add richness and flavor for the younger client or the hidden kid in you.

Whipped cream up-lights take blondes to the next level of desire. This 3D look brings you back to the days of when you were a toe-head blonde child. Creamy cool base colors added with layers upon layers of whipped-up blonde highlights gives any blonde a reason to have more fun.

Cinnamon Swirling stains up to three different shades of red in a single application. Mixing it up with copper up-lights turns redheads into red hot. This technique covers grey in a way like no other.

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