An Aiken woman was detained for disorderly conduct on Friday after reportedly causing a disturbance in the common area of the Aiken Regional Medical Centers emergency room.

Melissa Jean Bratcher, 42, of Old Friar Road, also kept unbuckling her seat belt and banging her head against the cage inside an Aiken Public Safety patrol car while being transported to the Aiken County detention center, according to a report.

Bratcher was “being loud and cursing” in the common area of the emergency room about 1 a.m. Friday, and her disturbance reportedly kept two patients from receiving medical care. Officers said she smelled strongly of alcohol, was uncooperative with them and kept using curse words toward hospital staff.

Bratcher threw herself to the ground outside as deputies escorted her to a patrol car, and she reportedly unbuckled her seat belt in the car and began banging her head against the prisoner cage, repeatedly, according to the report.

She kicked an officer who was applying a hobble restraint, and while en route to the detention center, unbuckled the seat belt and began banging her head against the cage again, according to the report.

An officer had to ride in the backseat with Bratcher to prevent her from getting out of the seat belt again.

Bratcher was charged with disorderly conduct and gross intoxication.