Objects to gays in scouting

When a Boy Scout recites the scout oath, he promises to “keep myself … morally straight,” and when he raises his right hand and recites the scout law, he pledges to be “clean” and “reverent.”

If the Boy Scouts of America decides to allow homosexual leaders, then the Scouts will have to redefine their terms and alter their own principles. Such a move would spell the end of the Scouts, and little would break my heart more because of what scouting has meant to me and my family. There are many reasons why such a change would be anathema.

First, there would be legal ramifications that BSA would be unable to financially sustain because so many Scout troops are sponsored by churches.

Secondly, I don’t deny that a homosexual leader can teach a kid to tie a bowline and a clove hitch, cook a meal over an open fire, or shoot a rifle. The larger value of Scouting, though, is that the boys are mentored by their leaders who serve as role models. I certainly want my grandsons’ Scout mentors and role models to share my values – values whose foundation, like this country, is the Bible, which calls homosexuality sin.

Further, many of the fine Scout leaders today are single heterosexual young men, former Scouts, who volunteer because they want to give back. Many parents would make wrong assumptions about the motivations of such volunteers and keep their sons out of scouting. It’s true that being a homosexual doesn’t necessarily equate with being a pedophile, but let me point out that a young man may remain in scouting until the age of 18. Let’s hope that those who make this decision remember the Scout benediction: “May the Great Master of all Scouts be with us.”

Jim Saine