Officials must take sides

Push has now come to shove. It’s time that our elected officials declare which side they belong to. Are they honorable Constitutionalists who will obey their oath or opportunists who buy the naive voter. Ninety percent of the incumbents are returned to office year after year.

John Adams, our second president, said, “There are two ways to defeat any nation. The first is by the sword and the second is by debt.” Our current outlaw Congress and usurper-in-charge are using both simultaneously to finish off our once great Republic. It’s the old political games. Republicans blame the Democrats and vice versa while both destroy our lives and take more of our money. As a nation, we cannot spend ourselves out of debt. Our nation has been shoved off the fiscal cliff and it’s just a matter of time before we see hyper-inflation.

The powers-to-be intend to impose total gun control on us by hook or crook so we can not resist federal control. The right to own a gun is a God-given right that is guaranteed in the 2nd Amendment.

My question to our elected officials: Will you obey your oath or be compliant in carrying out unconstitutional mandates.

It’s time to get on one side or the other.

Andy Windham