The Redbox contains no money. You use a debit or credit card to rent movies. Stores in New Ellenton have surveillance cameras so the Redbox would be safe.

Tax bill

  Has anyone else not received their property tax bill? I haven't gotten one in two years and no one seems to know why.


  Hillary Clinton may have a blood clot now, but she ran at the beginning of the Bengazi situation. Washington, D.C., feeds the public lies all the time.

No jobs

  I just read that S.C. has the 11th highest unemployment in the nation. We don't have unions, but we also don't have jobs.

Good article

  The February issue of Popular Science has a good article on railroads.


  I disagree with the person who said the police shouldn't chase speeders. They should because speeding is breaking the law.


  The Laurens Street bridge is fine. The fence is a mess though. Let some wisteria grow on it and it will be lovely.


  Before the Laurens Street bridge was fixed, we were crying it was gone. Now that it's fixed, we're crying because it's unsightly.


  Those who use guns should be taught how to use them, be licensed and require them to be registered.

Out of touch

  Congratulations to the person who wrote the TalkBack about marching on Washington, D.C. All these politicians are completely out of touch and need to start working for us, not for themselves.

The left

  The left often quotes the First Amendment when it suits their purposes but misquotes and abuses the Second Amendment.

Tap tap

  I want to know why the morning team newscasters sit there and tap and pound their fingers. It's nerve-racking and upsetting. They need to keep their hands under the table or in their laps.