Ivy for decoration

The City should plant a fast-growing ivy to cover the chain link fence and guard rail. It would add aesthetics to the bridge and enhance Aiken’s greenscape.


Has it occurred to anyone that Boeing is being sabotaged? There is too much happening for this to be coincidental.

Redbox is awesome

How can you be against the Redbox if you have never used it? They are awesome.

No kids, no tax

I was just wondering. Tax time is going on and everything. Why do we get charged taxes if we don’t have children or don’t have children in school? I think something should be changed about this. If we don’t have children and haven’t ever used the education system, I don’t see why we need to pay taxes for schools. Things need to be changed.

More restaurants

It would be nice to have another restaurant in New Ellenton. We need another nice restaurant around here.

Not fighting a war

What kind of nonsense is this, talking about full protection, talking about they must not ban assault rifles. They should ban all assault rifles. I’m not saying ban guns all together. We here in the U.S. aren’t fighting a war. I’m just surprised someone would come up with this talking about the government is going to take our wives and kill our children. Who in the world would believe this? I would really like to know. I have never heard such nonsense in all the days of my life.

Think about it

I very much enjoy reading the “think about it” quotations on the opinions page. They are always enjoyable and even amusing at times.