Free fish

Saturday night, I was at Captain D’s for dinner and someone bought my dinner. I wanted to put it in TalkBack and thank them and bless their heart for being so wonderful. It sure was nice of them. Thank you so much.

Three years

When I went to high school, it only took me three years to get through. Most of the other kids in my class also took around three years to get through. We didn’t have any of this four or five years stuff like how we do now.


Widening Hitchcock Parkway is unnecessary. Traffic flow is always good there.


Another inch and many women will be following the fashions of the 1700s when they didn’t have anything on their bosoms.

Ride the van

There are many senior citizens who are forced to ride the Medicaid van to keep our appointments through no fault of our own. It takes us a while to get where we are going.

Sitting around

Why do we allow these people sitting in jail to just sit there when we have roads around Aiken that are in desperate need of trash pickup? Why can’t these men do more than watch TV on the taxpayer’s dime?

Right to work

South Carolina is a right to work state. If that’s the case, why are there so many close factories and foreclosed homes?


Why has everyone jumped to conclusions and blamed the school for the child running away? He admitted to planning on running away. Maybe that home should be investigated. I don’t think the schools should be blamed for everything.


Not all Social Security checks arrive on the first of the month. They are often staggered now so there isn’t so much overload.


With all reported thefts from unlocked vehicles, you have to wonder how much of it is insurance fraud.


The Aiken County trash facilities need to be open on Sundays. People work during the week and often use Sunday as a day to clean up and need to haul their garbage off.