For 11 years, we have placed flowers onto the grave of our loved one since the day of her passing. Spring, fall, Mother’s Day, Christmas arrangements are made, at expense, to remember her and placed at her final resting place at Aiken Memorial Gardens. And each time over the 11 years, some low life goes in and removes the arrangements from her grave.

What has our society come to when people are unable to honor their loved ones for fear of having flowers stolen from their final resting place? Each year, we place the flowers and try to go back the next day to get them, only to find them taken. It is a shame that people would sink to such depths.

These unfortunate events have been discussed with staff and Aiken Memorial Gardens, and while they say these acts are more than likely being performed at night, there is nothing they can do about it. The sheriff’s department has been contacted, and they say there is nothing they can do except patrol the area. If someone is observed taking flowers from the grave sites, then they will be able to act.

If the people who are guilty of these acts are educated enough to read your newspaper and are reading this, I hope you are caught, and they throw the book at you. I hope that one day you do not face the indignity of having flowers from your loved one’s final resting place stolen.

James Hutto Jr.