Don’t quit school

Children shouldn’t quit school. If you do, you will end up having to work filling pot holes in the road. Get an education so you don’t have to do that.

Ammo ban

I don’t think it would work to ban ammo or bullets.

Bridge talk

Those complaining about the Laurens Street bridge should use the Union Street bridge. After a few times going over that, you’ll appreciate the one on Laurens Street.

Could you people stop talking about the Laurens Street bridge? There has to be something else going on.

Sugar moderation

If companies are cramming sugar down your children’s throats, don’t let them in your house. You don’t need the government for that. If you don’t want them to eat fat and sugar, don’t go to McDonald’s or buy sugary foods. You’re in control of your children, not the government.

Tax sugar, fat

Why doesn’t the government tax sugar and fat? The only thing that would happen is the companies would pass the cost on the consumer. Parents should be more mindful of what they feed their children.

Executive orders

We don’t need Congress, because the dictator in the White House is determined to use executive orders rather than listen to the elected representatives of the people.

Gun control

Under Obama’s gun control plan, it’s going to be a tough fight, because the Republicans control the House. The NRA and some of these Republicans don’t care. There were 20 children massacred plus six grown folks. All they are thinking about is their rights.

Service shoutout

I would like to give a shout out to the people in the County Administrative offices and the DMV. I recently purchased a car, and the service I received was wonderful at both facilities.


The cartoon in Jan. 17th’s paper was disturbing. Rape is a serious crime and should not be trivialized in such a way.

Reverse 911

Some in my area received the reverse 911 call. Would there be a problem dialing 911 from the land lines that didn’t receive the call?