Wilson rally

On Tuesday, Jan. 20, S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson held a “Rally for Israel” at the State House. When did the AG’s job description expand to include the promotion of foreign states? South Carolina must have no law enforcement issues worth pursuing if Wilson has time to host these propaganda events.


We’ve got 100 years of the IRS, and it’s time we put it to rest and get rid of it. The IRS does nothing but cause misery.


Why does the president want to delay Social Security payments for which people have paid in and earned but wants to do nothing with welfare and food stamps?

How dare Obama be called a hypocrite. Why shouldn’t the rich pay more taxes? I don’t know why I’m out there working and they should take more from me. Obama is allowed to take a vacation.

Concealed carry

There is proposed legislation that would allow people to carry concealed weapons into bars. Would this mean the bar would have to put in metal detectors before they are allowed to serve alcohol?

What happened?

What happened to yes ma’am, no ma’am, thank you and please?


I don’t agree that Clemson is a natural loser. USC had a lot to do with it over the past four years.

How many?

It would be interesting to know how many people believe that the U.S. president is really elected rather than placed there by unseen forces.


It isn’t legal to toss cigarettes on the pavement.

Good column

Thanks for the column on the Salvation Army bell-ringing. It is one of the better columns I have read.

Gun control

The new gun control laws the government wants to pass are no different than taking away everyone’s driver’s license to keep drunks from driving.

True colors

I see Mark Sanford is trying to re-enter the political field. This really shows how a lot of those who run for office are.

Fruity scone

I was charged $3.25 for a fruity scone. This is not New York.