God bless

I’d like to thank the woman who assisted me when I was shopping with my grandchildren. She gave them money to buy gifts for their parents. May God always bless you.

Pass a law

I think a law should be passed that no drug dealers or the mentally ill would be able to purchase weapons.

Shoot first

I will call 911 if someone is breaking into my home after I shoot the intruder.


I haven’t received anything from the state informing me that my information has been hacked, but my credit card company did send me a notice. So much for the state keeping us in the loop.


I received a letter from the S.C. Department of Revenue and it said that if I you filed a paper return, your information wasn’t hacked.


I think Aiken has bigger problems than worrying about whether or not a policeman has a child in the car with him.


Could someone explain to me why the NRA is so powerful? They are more powerful than the president.

Night club in jail

I recently spent 30 days in jail for not having the money to pay a ticket. I cannot believe what I experienced. It was filled with people who didn’t pay child support. They have cable TV, three meals a day and a warm place to sleep. They even had an Xbox. It was like a night club.

Eating out

People who go out for lunch should have sufficient funds to afford their own meals. Some of our old folks are actually wealthy. The ones who need the money are in line at grocery stores counting pennies to see if they can afford to feed their families.

Survey says

Someone should conduct a survey on how many criminals plan to register their guns.