Armed robbery at Redbox reported

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating an armed robbery that happened at a Redbox machine on Edgefield Road in North Augusta, according to a sheriff’s report.

The victim told officers the suspect approached him at the machine, asked him about marijuana and asked to go back to the victim’s vehicle, according to the report.

Once inside the vehicle, the suspect asked the victim to pull around to his girlfriend’s vehicle, then pulled out a silver handgun.

The suspect “slapped” the victim in the face with the gun, then demanded the victim’s money, cellphone and cigarettes, according to the report. He told the victim to leave “before he shoots up his vehicle.”

The suspect exited the vehicle and got into a white Jeep Cherokee that left the scene, according to the report.

The victim told officers he attended school with the suspect and that he did not want to press charges.

Man accused to breaking into home

A Warrenville man was accused of breaking into the home of a person he’d invited to his home to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, according to the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.

The victim told officers she was at the suspect’s home on Old Apache Lane watching the Super Bowl about 9 p.m. Sunday when the suspect said he was feeling sick and was going outside to throw up, according to the report.

After the suspect had been gone a while, the victim said she became suspicious.

Someone reportedly told the victim the suspect was going to break into someone’s home, and the victim, who also lives on Old Apache Lane, wanted to see if it was her home, according to the report.

She saw the suspect walking from her home, and found that someone had gone through her belongings inside the house.

The suspect reportedly took some jewelry but it was returned by the suspect, according to the report.

The victim did not want to press charges against the suspect since her items were returned, but she did have the suspect placed on trespass notice.