Supports Napier for Council

Out of the three candidates running for the District 6 County Council seat, only one has the experience to get my vote.

Phil Napier has been an advocate for the people of Aiken County for years, not just Graniteville, where he has been the fire chief for more than 30 years.

I have called on Napier countless times to help on endless volunteer projects in the community and he has never turned me down. He is a tireless community volunteer, ensuring that the annual Graniteville Christmas Parade does not disappoint the crowds, he helps make sure that our Christmas lights are in working order throughout the town every year and he has led the clean up crews for years to keep the sides of our roads in town free of debris and mowed frequently. He has also worked to improve our area by serving on the GVW Investment Group community committee and the GRACE community advisory board. During his past representation as Council member of District 5, he fought hard for what his constituents wanted, which meant bucking the good ole boy system at times.

District 6 needs a person that will stay strong and fight for the constituents of Aiken County.

Napier is the only candidate running who has the experience to make that happen.

Tina Bevington