Vote Napier for County Council

The County Council District 6 Special Election is Tuesday. I would like to encourage voters to vote for the only true public servant offering for the position, Phil Napier.

Napier was instrumental in starting the GVW Volunteer Fire Department 42 years ago and has served as the fire chief for the past 32. This organization, in addition to protecting our homes and property, has volunteered many hours in these three small communities to make life better for its citizens. Whether sponsoring the annual Christmas Parade, decorating the community with Christmas lights, participating in various town cleanup projects, this group, under Napier’s leadership, have gone beyond the call of duty.

Never will we forget that tragic train accident that occurred in our community a few short years ago. Napier and his GVW comrades put their lives on the line to try and save lives for several days and then performed the task of searching for bodies. Napier was awarded the Order of the Silver Crescent by the State of South Carolina for his leadership and service during that crisis.

Since Avondale Mills closed in 2006, when passing thru Graniteville, you may have noticed on many occasions, an individual working by himself cutting grass, trimming shrubbery or cleaning roadway medians. He performed these tasks at his own expense with his own yard equipment. This, my friend, is Napier. He will tell you that it was all for the love of his community.

I am confident that he will work just as hard for everyone in District 6.

Please join me on Tuesday and vote for my brother as your County Council representative.

Richard Napier